Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Twas the Day Before My Birthday....

And I was feeling completely drained, worn out, baggy eyed, and just generally EXHAUSTED!  Sleep would be the obvious cure for this condition, right?  Nope!  When you're feeling completely rundown and like you can't make it another step, do the following:

1) Grab some good company and head to your favorite Mexican spot.

2) Partake of the chips and salsa with enthusiasm.  Don't hold back...you've had a rough day!  This a time when it's ok to eat an entire basket and not feel guilty!

3) Order one of these (or two or three!) and savor the healing powers that it holds!

4) Smile like a kid on Christmas morning when this arrives at your table:

5) Now that you feel bigger than the Jolly Old Man himself, go home and open one of these:

6) Put on your pj's, pour yourself a glass, and savor even more healing powers!  And just to make sure that you completely cure yourself of the exhaustion, have yourself one or ten of these:

Monday, December 14, 2009

Drumroll Please....

I am now officially finished with my first semester at Georgetown University!  HOORAY!  I have put the finishing touches on my last paper and am headed home to Alabama on Friday!  I can't wait!

But, after staying up until 3AM and later every night for the past week, I am about to go do this:

And I plan to catch up on ALOT of it when I am at home! :-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner....

And so are the due dates for my FINAL PAPERS!!!  Oh I can't wait to hit the "send" button on my email account when those papers are ready to be mailed to my professors!  Why is it that papers create the absolute worst anxiety in me?  I admit that I am glad I have final papers rather than final exams to take, but there is just something about writing a paper that makes me a nervous wreck.  I am VERY thankful to have parents who are lawyers and are EXCELLENT proofreaders. ;-)  And wouldn't you know my papers would be due on December 16, my birthday!  So, my present to myself this year will be completing my first semester of graduate school at Georgetown on my birthday!!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with lots of family, friends, and delicious food!  I was so happy to be at home and was sad when it was time to board the plane and head back to the big city.  But, I only have a few weeks until I am Alabama bound again for Christmas!  Here are a few pictures from my time at home:

My most favorite task of the year!  Here we go with the naked tree:

I had a little elf named Bunch to help me.  Obviously, she was extremly eager to get to work!

As you can see, she was a little apprehensive to leave her perch.

And understandably so, for this is what was lurking nearby...(four other furry canines lurked around the corner).

"What is that furry black thing??  If only I could figure out a way to get through this gate!"

The boxes of ornaments have been opened! 

We are serious about keeping our ornaments safe!

The little elf found herself a safe spot far from her canine foes.

Making progress!

Stopping to capture a few (well, alot!) of my favorite ornaments.  While we have many beautiful new ones, the old ones are my favorites.  This one is made of tin foil is dates back to WWII.  It has been my favorite ornament since I can remember helping decorate the Christmas tree.

This was one that I always admired as a little girl.  My mother has always loved unicorns.  Honestly, they scare me a little bit, but this one is an exception. ;-)


A handmade clothespin doll.  We have several that a dear family friend made years ago. 

This jolly old man needs no introduction!  I like to "hide" him in the tree so that he appears to be "peeking" at at you.

Who doesn't love their very own salt dough angel ornament?

And yes, I love this little gal because I thought she was supposed to be me when I was little!  I still get a kick out of pulling the string to make her legs and arms flap up and down. ;-)
Another handmade clothespin ornament.  Raggedy Anne, no less!  Isn't she fun?

Another WWII ornament.  This little horse is still just as glittery as he's always been.  We take good care of him!

And of course we have a tin Santa in our WWII collection.  He has been a part of MANY Christmas trees in his lifetime!

This sweet angel might also have to be considered my favorite ornament.  Since I was a little girl, I have always loved pulling out this pretty eggshell ornament and hanging it on the tree.  She too is old and has graced many a tree in her day! 

I am not sure how old this star is, but we have a few of these orange plastic ornaments and I just love them.  I think the original hook might actually still be on this one.  If you look closely, you can see that it is thick and sturdy, unlike the flimsy ornament hooks you find today.

For some reason I have always had a thing for this little gold house.  I'm not sure why, but I always find a special spot for it on the front of the tree every year.  Notice clothespin Santa and clothespin Raggedy Andy nearby!

One more little angel, who has been on our tree for as long as I can remember.  She is tiny and fragile and I am so glad she hasn't fallen apart yet!

Now, I have a serious thing for candy canes at Christmas.  I love them!  Aren't they so cheerful and fun?  And they taste good too!  Well, not these particular ones. ;-)  The plastic candy cane is part of a set of we've had since the early 80's.  Mama always asks me "Are you really putting all of those candy canes on the tree this year??  Don't you think they are a little out of style?"  I immediately respond with "Yes ma'm, I am putting every single one on the tree and NO, they will NEVER go out of style!!"  I win that argument every year. :-)  The fuzzy candy cane is another WWII ornament.  We have four or five and they too always have a special spot on the tree where they can be admired.  If you ask me, I say you can never have too many candy canes on your Christmas tree!

And so, after MANY long hours of hanging and re-hanging ornaments in the just the right spots, my favorite task of the year was complete (minus part of the tree topper that I couldn't find, the tree skirt, and presents!):

And this is what I did as soon as I was finished:

And this is what I'm off to do again now!  I hope you are enjoying trimming your tree and decorating for the Christmas season! :-)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Today I'd Rather Be...

It is rainy, cold, and just downright nasty in the nation's capitol today.  I could have easily stayed under the covers and just snoozed the day away...like Bunch does every day of her life!  I took this picture a few years ago and it has always been one of my favorites.  I cannot wait to see my furry best friend on Thursday!  Between family, friends, Thanksgiving food, and Bunch, the excitement of going home might be too much! 

Now, if only I didn't have to walk to class in the nasty weather. :-(

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Did I Mention I'm Also An Anthropologist?

No, not the kind of anthropologist you're thinking of!  I do not study Anthroplogy, I study Anthropologie!  Did ya'll catch that little differentiation in spelling? ;-)  Yes, I am completely, utterly devoted to the clothing store Anthropologie.  As sad as it sounds, I probably go at least once a week if not more.  And no, I don't buy something every time I go!  The store is only a few blocks from my house, so how can I be expected to stay away for too long?  Their clothes are just my style and I could spend hours (or days!) inspecting every single garment in the store.  Anthropologie is definitely my biggest fashion weakness!

The other day, while I was one of my browsing outings in the store, I noticed these:

Are they not wonderful?!  Aside from pretty clothes, I'm a sucker for pretty pj's.  Unfortunately, I don't own many pretty pj sets because I'm a poor graduate student and I can't bring myself to spend $48 on a pair of sleepy pants!  But, I'm just as happy drooling over them via a trip to the store or online.  Yes, the Anthropologie website is at the top of my favorites list!  Oh, and I also spotted these fun little robes too:

And last but not least, this:

This coat reminds me of Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago!  It also reminds me of Paddington Bear with the cute toggles (If your children don't know Paddington, you must introduce them!).  And how can you resist the fur collar AND cuffs?!

Do you think it would be too much for me to ask Santa to bring me one of everything from Anthropologie this year?? ;-)