Monday, March 15, 2010

The Next Adventure

Well, its been a whole month since I last blogged and I have quite a bit to fill you in on!  I know I've said repeatedly that I am going to pay more attention to this neglected little blog, but between work and school I just can't seem to ever find the the time to sit down and write a worthwhile post.  I'd rather write about something interesting than tell you how many times I was spit up on during the day or how many diapers I changed. ;-) 

Speaking of diapers and spit up, the biggest piece of news I have for you is that I have decided to hang up my nanny hat and return to the good old corporate world!  I have taken a job with a Human Resources consulting firm here in DC and I start on Monday, March 22.  I accepted the job a few weeks ago and today starts my last week of nannying.  It was a very difficult decision considering how much I adore these three precious girls that I have taken care of for the past six months.  But, I knew deep down that this new job was an opportunity that I could not pass up.  I am definitely going to miss my little chickens very much and it will be hard not seeing them everyday.  Between all spit-up, diapers, time outs, screaming, hugging, and laughing, we've had ourselves quite a time together! ;-)

So, here goes the country mouse onto the next adventure in her life in DC!  I will be back to update you on my first day at work next week!

Have a wonderful week!

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