Monday, August 24, 2009

JSPB - Just Super Phenomenal Buds!

This blog post is dedicated to my former co-workers at Johnson Sterling Paul Benefits, Inc. in Birmingham.  No, JSPB does not stand for "Just Super Phenomenal Buds", but that is pretty much what those folks are to me!  They were the ones who actually gave me the idea to start a blog in the first place - only they wanted it to be created exclusively for them!  Sorry ya'll - I knew I'd only have enough time to manage one blog!  But don't worry - I'm still going to keep ya'll entertained. :-)

I started working for JSPB in June 2005.  My last day was July 30, 2009.  Those poor people had to put up with me for FOUR years!  Their hearts need blessing for sure!  My two bosses (Tom and Dan) became like a second father and brother to me and two of my co-workers (Carrie and Kate) became like the sisters I never had.  My other two co-workers (Bruce and Kurt) made sure I never went a day without a hearing a funny joke.  If there is one person out there who can come up with a joke on command it is Bruce!  I'm hoping he's going to compile them into a book one day. :-)

These people were there for me through it ALL - from break-ups to breakdowns to blind dating to making the biggest decision I've ever made - to pack up and move to a brand new city a zillion miles away.  I would have never made it through the past four years without them.  I've kept every document they ever passed over to me - from my job offer letter to my very last paycheck stub.  I showed my Daddy everything I had kept yesterday and he said "Those sure are some really great people".  He sure is right - they are great people and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be with them for the past four years. 

So JSPB - this post is for you!! :-)

P.S.  My co-workers always teased me about my use of smiley/wink/sad/crying faces and exclamation points in emails.  Therefore, this blog is going to be full of them!

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