Sunday, August 30, 2009

Still in Alabama!

Well, it's 4:23PM on Sunday, August 30 and I should be somewhere in Virginia by now, but I'm actually still at my parents house in Monroeville.  I'm starting to think I'm never going to get to DC! ;-)  My carefully planned trip got thrown just a little off schedule.  We had the most fun going away dinner last night and I stayed up way past my bedtime.  Even the dogs wanted to stay up and say goodbye!
I kept telling myself I needed to go to bed, but I was having so much fun with my family and friends that I couldn't make myself hit the hay.  I finally went to sleep at about 1AM and when the alarm clock buzzed at 5:50AM, I knew there was no way I was getting in the car and driving to Washington, DC today!  Plus, it was pouring rain outside and who wants to start a 14 hour drive in the rain??  Not me!  So, I re-worked my plans in my head and immediately turned over and went back to sleep!  I am glad that I did because I probably would have made it as far as Montgomery today and stopped!  My parents weren't too sad when they found out they were going to get one more day with me. :-)

So, I am definitely leaving tomorrow regardless of how tired I am or how hard it is raining!  I am excited about the drive, but very nervous at the same time.  I think the farthest I've ever driven is around 6 hours, so 14 is going to be a serious undertaking.  Hopefully the books I downloaded onto my ipod will keep my mind occupied! 

I will post again when I arrive in DC.  School and work both start Wednesday, so my posts should definitely become more entertaining in the coming weeks!  Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Stew,

    Hope you made it okay to the big city! Maybe we'll bring the kids up to visit this year. I know they will love DC. Hope school and work are great! The blog is great!



  2. Get in the car and push..."go!"