Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just Can't Live Without It

I have several blogs that I "stalk" on a daily basis.  Most of them are friends of mine and I love checking in and seeing what they are up to every day.  I've noticed a few posts recently centered around "things I can't live without" or "a few of my favorite things."  Some of you may hate things like this, but I love to discover new things to try that others reccomend.  You never know when you might stumble upon something new that you might not be able to live without!

So, I came up with my list of things that I currently can't live without.  Here are the top ten:
1. Hunter Wellington Boots - I absolutely, positively could not have survived all of the snow without these boots.  Rain, snow, sleet or shine, these boots can handle whatever the weather brings!
2.  Nature's Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch - If you like a really crunchy cereal and the flavor of pumpkin, then you have to try this cereal.  I am addicted!
3.  Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter Lotion - Not too greasy, no fake cocoa-butterish scent and it is CHEAP!  I have even been using it on my hands and it works wonders for my extremely dry skin!

4. - Brilliance!  No more stopping in the middle of paper writing to flip through a bulky thesaurus.  I just keep this open on my browser when I'm writing and with the click of a button I can look up all the words I need to.  A grad student's dream!

5.  North Face Metropolis Coat - I can't say enough great things about this coat.  I don't know how I would have survived all of this crazy winter weather in DC without it!  It is so lightweight and not bulky at all, which makes wearing it over layers super comfortable. 

6.  Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Half Bottles - This is my absolute favorite white wine!  If you like sauvignon blanc, you must try Kim Crawford!  Actually, I haven't tried one New Zealand sauvignon blanc that I do not like.  I'm a huge fan!  But, I always end up wasting some of the wine because I never drink a whole bottle in three days, which is how long wine experts say you are supposed to keep it (after opening) before it starts to oxidize and lose its flavor.  I ran to Whole Foods the other day before the last round of snow and lo and behold, there was my Kim Crawford in...half bottles!  A half bottle is just the right amount and none of it goes to waste.  Perfect!

7.  Flannel Button Down Shirts - Super feminine?  No.  Super stylish?  No.  Would I wear one on a date?  No.  But, do I love them?  YES!  So comfy, cozy, and easy! 

8.  Aquaphor Healing Ointment - This pretty much speaks for itself!  If you've never tried it, do yourself a favor and run out and grab a tube.  This little miracle can fix anything from chapped lips to wind burn to dry skin to whatever ails ya!  Well, whatever ails your skin that is! 
9.  Diane Birch - I am by no means a music junkie, but I do love it when I hear a great new singer or band that I've never head before.  Diane Birch made an appearance on Conan the other night (might have been a rerun) and I immediately downloaded her new album onto my ipod.  She has a very Carole King-ish voice and I don't think there is one bad song on this album.  If you like Carole King (which I do!), then I high reccomend checking out Diane Birch!

10.  Clarisonic Facial Brush - My life was truly empty until I discovered this amazing little gadget!  My friend Lauren talked me into buying one and I have to tell you that it is worth every single last penny.  I have been using for about two or three weeks now (once per day) and my skin has never looked better!  You can order either a regular or sensitive skin brush and I chose the sensitive skin, just to be on the safe side. My skin is smooth, soft and blemish free!  I just wish I had bought one sooner!


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