Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Does anyone out there remember me??

I hope so!  And I know if you do remember me, you've missed me terribly. ;-)  Every single day I think I am going to find the time to blog, but inevitably it doesn't happen!  If nannying has taught me anything so far, it is that I am in the WORST physical shape of my life and, that time is precious!  OK, maybe I should re-phrase that - "alone time" is precious!  As much as I adore the those three little girls, they might as well be putting me through a workout boot camp every day!  The only time I sit down during the day is to feed Erin a bottle and I normally don't make it through a feeding without having to get up to referee a spat between Gretchen and Lucy or open the back to door to remind them for the millionth time NOT to pull the leaves off the shrubbery.  For some reason they love to pull leaves off the shrubs and bring them to me as "presents". 

Speaking of presents, last week before my midterm, I told Gretchen and Lucy on the way home from school how nervous I was about my "really BIG test".  An hour or so after we got home, both of them came upstairs from the playroom with a little something for me to keep in my pocket during the test.  They said "Stewart, we have bravery treasures for you to keep in your pocket during your big test tonight!"  Bravery treasures - don't you love it?!  The "bravery treasures" consisted of two beautifully colored pictures (Hello Kitty, of course) and a few pencil grips.  I tucked all of my bravery treasures safely in my coat pocket and you can bet they were with me through the entire exam!  I haven't gotten my grade back yet, but hopefully those bravery treasures helped me pull through!

There is much more to write, but it's time to pick up the girls from school and I don't want them to be the last ones waiting for the ol' nanny to get there!

More to come soon!

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