Friday, September 18, 2009

Moving right along

Happy Friday to you!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful week.  My week has been ALOT better than last week!  Really...ALOT.  Dropping down to six hours in school really has made a huge difference in my overall mental state!  Last week I was a good candidate for the psych ward.  While the six hours I have are by no means a breeze, I am thankful I now have an extra night of the week to study...or just relax. ;-) 

Gretchen and Lucy started preschool on Tuesday at Chevy Chase United Methodist Church.  They were so excited.  You would have thought we were taking them to Disney World!  Gretchen's mother told me that Gretchen came into their bedroom at 6:30AM dressed and ready to go.  Of course school didn't start until 10AM!  We all went to school and met the teachers and other children in the classes.  Each class is designated by a particular type of bird....Gretchen is an Eagle and Lucy is a Robin.  I had the best time sitting back and watching them introduce themselves to the other children and explore their new classrooms.  Tuesday was just a "get to know you" day for one hour, so Thursday and today were their actual first full days of school (9AM-12PM).  Have you ever picked up a child from school and had them run towards you like you were their most favorite person on the planet?  If not, it will make you feel like a million dollars!  When they see me outside the door they run to me and give me the biggest hugs.  And today I got a hug plus a beautiful picture from Gretchen.  It was a princess that she colored...complete with blonde hair like me.  So today I felt like supernanny and a princess...hard to beat that isn't it? :-)

In other news, I am hosting a study group at my house this Sunday afternoon for one of my classes.  Five of us have been assigned a group project that is due in November.  Thankfully everyone in our group is a "get it done early" type!  My apartment just happened to be the most "central" location for everyone and it is much more inviting and pleasant than the Georgetown U. library.  Of course I am going to provide homemade appetizers because that is what a southern lady should do, right?  What kind of a hostess would I be if I didn't provide finger sandwiches and tea to sip?  Haha...I think it will be more like chips and salsa and cheese dip! 

I'm off to do a little studying and then maybe I might sneak out and see what's happening on the town.  Until next time, have a wonderful weekend!

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