Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"The Drowse"

Why is it that I had trouble keeping my eyes open earlier tonight and it is now 10:27PM and I am still awake??  Still awake and blogging at that!  Yes, I was that student in class tonight who embarassed herself by nodding off a time or two.  I normally drink an enormous thermos of coffee on the way to class, but I didn't have time to brew my usual pot this afternoon.  Tired and void of caffeine, I felt "The Drowse" strike after being in class for only about five minutes!  "The Drowse" is a sneaky little devil.  I'm sure most of you know it well.  When it hits you know its more than likely going to win no matter how hard you try to fight it off.  And of course it loves to strike in public settings like class, work meetings, church, etc.  "The Drowse" struck me tonight with full force and unfortunately I succumbed to it's evil doings.  But, my heavy eyes were definitely not a result of boredom in class.  We had a fantastic class tonight with a wonderful speaker.  Like I said, I only nodded of for a few seconds a time or two, so yes, I do remember what happened in class!  My lids felt like lead weights because of this:

Today was gorgeous and the girls didn't have school, so I decided a trip to the National Zoo would be just the ticket.  Their grandmother graciously came over to take care of baby Erin while the three of us took our field trip.  Now, I've been to the National Zoo once before, but I must not have paid much attention to the terrain at the time.  Well, you start at the bottom and work your way UP.  So, that meant pushing a double stroller containing two little girls UPHILL for TWO HOURS.  If you know me, you know that I have arms that resemble small tree limbs.  In other words, I have ZERO arm strength.  Or upper body strength for that matter.  Yes, I am a total wimp and not afraid to admit it!  The stops for the indoor exhibits didn't provide much relief considering the fact that they are kept at a temperature of about 85 degrees. Heat + strange animal smells + double stroller + uphill terrain = half dead nanny.  One man laughed at me and said "Honey, you need a motor for that thing don't you?"  I laughed in agreement and Gretchen quickly scolded me for talking to a stranger. ;-) 

Alas, the half dead nanny forged on like a soldier in the heat of battle and managed to get through most of the zoo (the girls think they saw the whole thing..shhhh).  The half dead nanny also thoroughly enjoyed the downhill walk back to the car ;-)  The girls had a wonderful time and it was a treat watching their eyes grow wider in amazement with each new animal they saw.  Gretchen decided the hermit crabs were her favorite and Lucy and I both chose the elephants.  I voted the cockroach exhibit as my least favorite!

OK..."The Drowse" is creeping up again.  I think that is my cue to sign off for the night.  More to come with news of things non-nanny related!  Good night!

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